Bring On The Challenge!

Sometimes as a designer (jewelry or otherwise), we need to have a little fire lit under us to re-inspire, reawaken and rejuvenate our creative juices. I haven’t been doing this long enough to have had a real lull in my creativity, but as a busy mom of an even busier three year old… Well, I’ll be honest. Sometimes I stick to the “tried & true” when creating new pieces. I have certain materials and colors that I like and that I know my customers like, so why veer from that path? Sometimes I simply don’t have the time.

Well, thank you Prima Bead! Very soon they will be sending me my first package of “new & improved” goodies (“materials” for those of you who aren’t as obsessed with jewelry design as I am). I get to play with these fun new materials (Oh, the color! Oh, the texture!) and write a bit about my experience with these. This is gonna be a great challenge for me and a way to keep me from doing the same ol’ same ol’.

Prima Bead has a great selection of some of my favorite materials, and a ton of other great items, including this… (What a gorgeous, Spring-green color!)
PD Green Glass Beads
And this… (Deep, blue-hued “Mirror Beads”!)
PB Mirror Beads
And this… (Wouldn’t this gemstone slice look beautiful with some peridot or moonstone?!)
PB Gemstone Slice

Ok, Prima Bead, included in my wish list is some of your FABULOUS Rose Gold plated components! I am newly obsessed with this very on trend metal, and hope to get my hands on some real soon. (hint, hint)

PB Rose Gold Bead

Take a peek at the Prima Bead site when you have a chance – I would be curious to hear what you find there that gets your creative juices flowing!


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