Let’s Talk…

I am new to the world of blogging, although certainly not talking.  For a rather verbose and profuse talker, the concept of a blog is a bit overwhelming and perplexing.  It’s really rather like a first date after being out of circulation for a while.  I mean, will you like me?  Will I like you?  Do we have anything in common, any shared interests? Honestly, will we really have anything to talk about at all?

You can read about who I am in my “About” section, so I won’t bore you with all of the details here. As someone who is fairly goal oriented and more than a little Type A, let me say that my purpose for even starting this is really to connect.  I want to share my ideas in general, but specifically about jewelry making (or any arts & crafts making efforts, really), and how to market and network and ultimately sell our craft. 

When I say “share,” I truly mean that.  For me, I don’t really want to simply use this venue as a soapbox or a platform for spewing forth lots of junk about what I do or who I am.  Frankly, that would likely be a bit boring for us all.  Instead, I would love to actually see this evolve into a conversation of sorts – a mutual sharing of ideas, inspirations, suggestions. 

I imagine initially it will be “all about me.”  Pretty much it has to be at this point, because no one is following me yet.  (And let’s hope, contrary to a really bad blind date, that ultimately someone follows this blog!) 

So, I hope to share pictures, ideas, tips (I have a background as an instructor and believe myself to be a “teacher” by nature) and our work.  Please post your thoughts, artwork, craft and inspirations here for all of us to share.  Let’s make this a collaborative effort – if nothing else, to take a little of the heat off of me.  And in return, I will do my best to attempt to be somewhat interesting and avoid all the little emoticons & exclamation points that those who really know me know that I tend to use!  (insert smiley face here)

‘Til we meet again, happy creating!


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